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I have heard from so many of you that the one thing that inhibits you from sharing your heart on the pages of your Bible is that you aren't confident with drawing. Boy do I understand that! It was the number one thing that I had to overcome when I first began Bible Journaling too! That is why I have created One and Dones.

One and Dones are line art transfer sheets with the art already printed onto the vellum. You just place and trace them...ONCE...and you're done. The artwork is ready for you to paint or color however you would like. They are easy to use and exactly what I use in my Live Illuminated Journaling Workshops to help people get started.

I hope I will have the chance to meet you at one of my live Workshops -- but if you don't live near one of the stores where I am teaching, I have quite a few tutorials and on-line workshops to help you get started. I have set up a page where I can post tutorials and workshops that you may enjoy taking. Check it out here.

I would like to invite you to sign up for my Illuminated Journaling Newsletter. I use the newsletter to provide you with timely information about new workshops and products -- as well as letting you know about my schedule of live workshops.

I know you are going to love using these great products in your Bible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know how I can help you!

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